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We present to you an application specially designed to track your children's online activities on messaging applications. This app helps you monitor your kids' online and
offline status, access detailed statistics, and ensure safe online experiences of your kids with extra security measures.
Thanks to advanced security features, you can be sure that your children are safe online. It also helps families establish a healthy balance in the digital world by giving
them the ability to effectively manage the time their children spend on messaging applications and intervene when necessary.
Our application monitors children's online activities and provides early warnings against possible risks. It also gives parents the chance to more closely monitor and guide
their children's experiences in the digital world. It invites families to support their children in developing healthy habits in the digital world by establishing a safe,
transparent and effective communication environment.
Our app also gives families access to resources that help them become aware of digital education and online safety. Thus, families can be more aware and prepared about the
potential dangers that their children may encounter in the digital world. Start using our application to help your children grow up safely and consciously in the digital
- Real-time Online/Offline Status: Monitor your kids' instant online/offline status in real-time
-Between Family Profiles: Track the activities of your family members individually by switching between different family profiles.
-Instant Notifications: Keep up to date with notifications when your family is online.
-Session Durations: View your children's session durations in messaging applications in detail.
-All Time Ranges: Track kids' activities across different time periods.
-Monitor Online/Offline Status: Easily check the online/offline status of family members.
-Detailed Reports: Better understand children's digital habits by analyzing data with detailed reports.

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