Digital Signatures 1.9 [free]


Do you want to create your own signature? Do you want to write your signature in a very cool and amazing way? Signature Creator app has been developed just for this purpose. By
using Signature Creator, you can easily create your signature and can easily customize it according to your own choice and store that signature on your device.
You can use the signature that you created in the signature creator app at any place you want and as many times you want without any kind of complications or restrictions
imposed. You can use manual mode as well as automatic mode to create your own signature.
You can create your signature and customize it by a large list of different fonts available. Choose the best font for your signature and save it. This app also suggests
different signatures of your name automatically. You just need to enter your name and it will automatically suggest different signatures of your entered name and you can select
the one that you like the most.
• This signature creator app allows you to make your custom signature very easily.
• You can change the font of your signature by a large list of fonts available. You can choose the one you like for your signature.
• You can also adjust the pen thickness to write your signature. Easily adjust thickness of the pen from small to large or vice versa.
• This signature creator also allows you to change the pen color for writing the signature. You can set any color of your pen from a very large variety of colors and write your
signature using that particular color.
• You can also change the background color of your signature. Now, set background color from a large variety of colors. Multicolor (Gradient) background is also available. It
also shows the sample of how the background would look.
• You can set any image from your gallery as the background image of your signature and adjust the signature easily.
• You can also adjust the size of your signature by means of a ruler or by zooming in and out easily.
• You can also rotate your written signature according to your own choice for adjusting the angle of your signature.
• You can easily drag and move your written signature to any location of your mobile screen.
• It provides the option to save your signature. You can easily store your signature in the device storage.
• You can create a collection of your previously written signatures. You can view previously drawn signatures from that particular collection at any time.
• You can also share your signature to your friends or family. Share your signature on any social media platform by the share option.
• You can export your signature in PNG and PDF format. Export your signature to Image or Document format according to your own choice.
• You can view your signature at any time by Instant view.
• Easily delete your previously drawn signatures at any time you want.
How to use:
• Open the “Signature Creator App”.
• Click on “Auto Mode” or “Manual Mode” for drawing your signature.
• App will suggest you different signatures in the “Auto Mode” and you can choose from them or you can draw and customize the signature according to your choice using “Manual
• After drawing and editing the signature, you can store the signature for future use or export it to the device storage easily.
It only uses the storage permission for storing the signatures.
Please let us know about what you think about our app through your quality feedback. We’ll try our best to keep this app free of crashes and bugs and make the app run smoother,
so the users can enjoy the app without any errors.

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