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Being a car owner can be stressful. One might often feel overwhelmed and anxious from handling activities like documentation, measuring tax data, tracking maintenance, to
getting vehicle insurance and other vehicle information. Pedal helps to overcome all these problems and make vehicle ownership hassle-free.
Pedal has over 20 unique features designed to collect and collate your vehicle information straight into the palm of your hand. All you need to do is install the app, register
with the registration number, and you are good to pedal away!
Pedal helps you in becoming an expert in managing your vehicle. You can save money by improving your driving, checking petrol stations for the lowest fuel prices, and reducing
wear & tear to ensure that your car is more valuable at the time of reselling. You can also track your car live with pedal’s special car location tracker & get
reminders on your MOT status.
Some features that make Pedal the ultimate driver companion!
Digital Logbook - Pedal gives you all the details regarding your vehicle’s history, including registration changes, color changes, vehicle specifications, etc. It makes sure
that you know of any past issues as a buyer or a seller and have all vehicle information in one place.
Insurance, Maintenance, Tax, & MOT Status Reminders - Never miss your tax payments, insurance renewals, or MOT status while keeping your vehicle in shape. Pedal sends you
reminders for MOT status & others in advance and makes sure you always drive safe!
Vehicle Valuation - You can also find your vehicle’s actual value 24/7. Pedal monitors and combines all market data across retail, private, auction, and trade prices to show
you the actual cost of your car. All vehicle information is now at your fingertips.
Roadside Assistance - No matter where you are, you can get help from the local roadside assistance at your exact location with the car location tracker.
Garage Partner - Pedal features a garage partner that helps you connect with high-quality local independent mechanics or franchised dealerships. Share vehicle information and
select the best garage partner.
Fuel Prices & Petrol Station Tracker - You can also compare fuel prices to find the cheapest petrol station or locate your preferred EV charging station. Pedal also
provides payment options like pay as you go, guest, or membership fuel prices when you pay at the petrol station.
Voice Services - Pedal is compatible with voice assistance. Just say ‘Ask Pedal’ to find out anything about your car instantly! Get all vehicle information in seconds.
Safe Word - Letting us know your car's broken down is simple. But we would like to make sure your safe no matter what, set your safe-word and once the recovery driver is there
you can challenge his I:D by asking for your safe word all done from the safety of your vehicle.
That’s not it. We have got more in store for you! Pedal Connect - a device that gives you access to additional advanced features and makes life easier.
Car Location Tracker - Pedal connect enables you to find your car wherever it might be with its car location tracker feature. You also get notifications when your vehicle is
getting towed away & you can trace it with the car location tracker.
Battery Monitor - The battery is an integral part of your vehicle, and Pedal Connect makes sure that your vehicle’s battery is always in good condition. Pedal connect sends
you low power warnings and lets you know if you need a replacement in advance.
My Drive - Pedal Connect scores you on your driving style based on acceleration, braking, speed, etc., helping you improve your driving performance and slow down your car’s
wear and tear.
With Pedal, you can do more to keep your family & vehicle safe. Give yourself a break from all vehicle-related issues and accelerate your savings with Pedal. Install now!

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