Jain Sangh Management Paltform 1.1.13 [free]


JAIN Sangh Management Platform - Connect global Jain Sanghs through one common digital platforms with following objectives :
a) build unity across Sanghs and their members through spiritual and professional collaboration
b) manage and share details of Sangh facilities (Derasarji, Upashray, PathShala, Ayambil Shala etc)
c) offer online services like pachakhan, donation, reservation for Angi/Aarti, Yatra, Tapascharya etc

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  • Nombre del software: Jain Sangh Management Paltform
  • Software Categoría: Sociedad
  • Código App: app.management.jainsangh
  • Versión lastest: 1.1.13
  • requisito: 5.0 o superior
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  • tiempo de actualización: 2023-09-18